About Us

Kingsford Securities PCL

About us and our Mission

About us

Kingsford Securities Public Company Limited was established with a intention to build wealth and prosperity for our clients based on strong investment experiences in securities markets. We provide our excellent and beyond expectation services to all types of clients; high net-worth clients, retail clients and foreign clients (both retail and institutions). We simplify investment while bring in great long term return and stability to our clients.

Kingsford Securities Public Company Limited is authorised by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to become a member company of the SET  as Broker number 15 and approved by Finance Ministry to operate as a broker transacting securities on the SET and TFEX, a financial advisory and a selling agent.



Our Mission

Kingsford Securities Public Company Limited created visions, missions and competitive business strategies in order to generate extreme benefits to  investors with a simple but meaningful corporate principle of “Kingsford For Your Financial Health” or “Growing your wealth to reach your prosperity”. Our team focus on servicing client according to their life style and we do it with cautions and fundamental as follows

A Simple Way to create wealth to allow everyone to learn and understand all communication channels and diversify our service centers to key areas in Bangkok and other provinces in order to reach our potential target clients